Park Ultrasound

Park Ultrasound is a specialised obstetric and gynaecological (“O&G”) ultrasound practice, established in 1994 by Dr Bev Hewitt, who combines a clinical specialist O&G background with extensive ultrasound qualifications and experience. Our rooms at 12 Connolly St, are on the West Leederville / Wembley border, corner Connolly and Cambridge Sts, opposite SJOG Hospital Subiaco. Dr Bridget Jeffery joined us part time in 2009, but is now full-time at Joondalup Health Campus. Parking/transport

We offer pregnancy and pelvic (gynaecology) ultrasound, including guidance on the new Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT). This is a rapidly changing area of technology which allows us to reduce the number of invasive tests recommended.

In this practice we assess by live scanning information which gives more information than still pictures. We work as a team where the scan is performed by a dedicated sonographer or doctor. Particular features of the scan including any difficult or borderline findings are covered with or by the doctor. This team approach allows us, and you, more time for the detail of each ultrasound. Prenatal diagnostic tests are performed by the doctor.

Practical Information

Only ultrasounds requested by a doctor for medical reasons are available. A separate referral is required for each booking. The referral is needed to answer the clinical questions correctly, and Medicare requires that there is a referral for each ultrasound.

Please bring any reports and pictures from ultrasounds at any other practice, as change over time helps interpret your current ultrasound. If you do not have the report or films, bring the name of the practice where you had the ultrasound. This includes any reports or films for the current pregnancy. For gynaecological ultrasound, films more than 5 years old are rarely useful, although you can bring them if in doubt. In pregnancy you would usually only bring information for the current pregnancy.

You can ring to check that we are running on time, which is always our aim, before you start to drink. However ultrasound examinations vary in length and unexpected findings arise which prolong the examination – either your own or a preceding scan – so we cannot promise you an exact time frame.

Payment is due on the day of the scan. It can be cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex). All ultrasounds are eligible for a Medicare rebate as we only accept referred medical ultrasound examinations. The fees vary depending on the type of ultrasound and stage of pregnancy. Age pensioners will be bulk-billed if a valid personal Commonwealth pension card is shown on the day of the ultrasound.

Drinking for your scan

Fluid in the bladder helps bring the pelvic organs into view from behind the bones of the pelvis, and helps push bowel out of the way, since this blocks the picture. As well as improving the technical aspects of the scan, it will often give more flattering pictures.

Pregnancy – From 10 weeks on, have two glasses of water an hour before. In early pregnancy 9 weeks or less, one glass is enough. Even later pregnancy where the baby is already partly above the bone, it helps us achieve the correct angles for measurements.

Drinking for Gynaecology ultrasound – see Gynaecology Ultrasounds


The ultrasound findings are explained to you after, or sometimes during, the scan, and you will have an opportunity for questions.
Interpretation of gynaecology ultrasound often needs a clinical context which the referring doctor will understand best, or occasionally other tests may be required, so you will not always feel you are given the “full picture” on the day.
For pregnancy scans you will know if the baby appears healthy or whether there are concerns, and the results of screening tests are given to you on the day if all parts of the test are ready.

Can the ultrasound appointment be on the same day as the appointment with the doctor?

Pregnancy ultrasound bookings can be on the same day as your appointment with your doctor where the timing works out well for both. However reports on gynaecology ultrasounds often take longer, so unless there is a special reason for the appointment being the same day (eg, you are coming from the country) it is preferable to allow at least one day. Your referring doctor will receive a report by mail within a week, or by fax if you are due to see the doctor earlier, or if urgent findings arise. The pictures for gynaecology scans may be kept at Park Ultrasound until the report is finalised.


Prints are given to the parents for pregnancy, and usually to the doctor with gynaecology reports. For the main pregnancy scans (12 week and 19 week) we provide a USB for parents, as well as a DVD. However as the best information is seen in real-time live scanning, the report (rather than the accompanying pictures) is the most detailed result.